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31 год, Стокгольм, Швеция, высшее образование
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ищу работу в Варшаве, возможен переезд, полная занятость

Опыт работы

Huawei Ltd, Dushanbe
2 мес
Окт 2013 - Дек 2013
-Installation IP clock Server Huawei
-Configuration IP clock server
-Installation LTE hardware Huawei vendor
-configuration LTE
-configuration BSC new and added sub rack new of BSC and RNC
-Upgrade and pre-upgrade of BSC and RNC version
-installation Data-com(switch) equipment of huawei vendor
Regional Project Manager
Huawei Ltd, Dushanbe
3 года 1 мес
Янв 2013 - Фев 2016
The Projects Huawei - Megafon mobile company
- Control of all progress in the regions (cm, pm, sla, kpi netwoks)
• Managing of flm teams, supervisors, spare parts for flm project
• Managing and preparation Job / Ekstra Works / Change orders. Controlling of pr & po creating process on Customer side.
• Network Availibility calculation, observation
• Managing necessary report for weekly Mobile and Fix generator usages and Fix generator installation progress report for customer
• Prosecution work bulletins to customer for living network.
• Monitoring of the Network by Alarms,
• Reporting Network Alarms / Critical faults to Project manager and customer daily, weekly, monthly
• Preparation necessary Reports/ Statistics / Presentations for Customer
• bts Remote connections for the check Site Elements, mw levels, Cross connections, etc.
• Controlling of report Cell, Site, BSC, Network Availability, Hourly, Daily, Weekly to Project Director and Customer
• Making plans for improvement where KPI is bad in the regions and implemantation of plans.
• Managing of effective installation of MGs all over the regions.
• Managing of site preventive maintanance , AC preventive maintenance , tower preventive maintenance and DG preventive maintenance ( for every 250 hours )
• Managing of Solar preventive maintenance per regions.
• Managing of air conditioner preventive maintenance on the outdoor BTS.
• Managing of fuel report for the Customer.
• Preparation monthly / weekly budget for FLM project.
• Preparation necessary Reports/ Statistics / Presentations for Customer.
Managing Director
Asian Communication Service -Ltd, Dushanbe
3 года 11 мес
Окт 2012 - Сен 2016
Управления и контроль проекты
FM/ BSS . Manager
Huawei Ltd, Dushanbe
1 год 3 мес
Мар 2012 - Июн 2013
Install electrical tower and rack and check quality .
-Installation Alarm Box in Sites and quality too.
-Installation Filter for 3G cell in Tower (for solved interface problems)
-Configuration and commission BTS all Types.
-Solved critical problem all alarm BTS.
-Changed Down Tilt and azimuth in Sectors all bands.
Structural; towers; civil; AC power; DC power; Environmental design; antenna line systems(from BTS to antenna. including testing; antennas; feeder systems. Installation &commissioning of BTS. Check monitor of BSC , RNC , M2000.All sites Logical changed TRX of BTSs in BSC and M2000 Check E1/T1 channels in BSC and with MML command.
I have experience in BSC RNC and M2000(CME)
In BSC checking channels in the BTS
In BSC can working in MML commands
Can working with M2000 (CME)
TI Supervisor
Mobicon Networks Ltd (ZTE projects), Dushanbe
1 год 2 мес
Янв 2011 - Мар 2012
Installation BTS ZTE (BS8800 and BS8900), error correction, the program of the BTS.
- responsible for the installation of a new site and swap
- MW - installation of a software MW, the installation of assembly.
-installation of a new site and swap
• Microwave Configuration of ZTE
• Installation &commissioning of BTS
( • Installation of rectifiers (Emerson)(RF Installation)(Microwave Link). • Expansion for sites & quality inspection.
• Troubleshooting Remove all BTS Alarm & On Air Acceptance.
• Tasting for VSWR & Site Master.
• Operation &Maintenance at 68 site on ZTE equipment.
• Installation & Quality Inspection
• Motorola swap with ZTE SDR system 155 sites on Tcell-ZTE project.
- MW - installation of a software MW, the installation of assembly.
-Drive Test Engineer- test drive 2Gclusters, use software MapInfo Professional and Thames.
- I have experience in TSSR.
Telecom Engineer Expert
Tajik Telecom Ltd, Dushanbe
4 года 11 мес
Янв 2006 - Дек 2010
- responsible for the installation of a new site
• Tasting for VSWR & Site Master.
• Installation & Quality Inspection
• Microwave Configuration

Высшее образование

Таджикский Технический Университет , Душанбе
Инженер Телекоммуникация
5 лет
Сен 2005 - Сен 2010

Знание языков

Английский - средний, Русский - свободно, Таджикский - свободно, Узбекский - свободно, Турецкий - средний

Дополнительная информация

Computer literacy.

Microsoft Application ‘2003, XP (MS Excel, Word, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop 8.0)
Windows ’98,2000, XP, NT, Vista, Seven
Skilled in installation and troubleshooting

Personal skills.

Excellent interpersonal skillsand intercultural communication skills, and able to work effectively as a team member.
Self-motivated and strong ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
Driver License category B-C

License category.

Electrical / tower building / air condition .

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